Hurricanes Junior League Information


The following competitions are on offer for the 2020/21 season:


  • HJL Stage One (T20) Competition (played on Monday Evening’s)
  • HJL Stage Two (T20) Competition (played on Wednesday Evening’s)
  • HJL U/13 Boys Competition (played on Sunday Morning’s)
  • HJL U/15 Boys Competition (played on Sunday’s)
  • HJL U/15 Girls Competition (played on Tuesday Evening's)
  • HJL U/18 Girls Competition (played on Friday Evening's)


For more information in relation to Cricket Australia's Junior Formats, please click here




HJL Programs Summary


 Program  Stage One Stage Two U/13 Boys U/15 Boys U/15 GirlsU/18 Girls 
 CA Junior Format Stage 1  Stage 2  Stage 2  Stage 3 Stage 1 Stage 2
 Age Range U/12 (Skill Based)U/13U/15 U/15U/18 
 Players7 (5min)9 (7min)9 (7min)9 (7min)7 (5min) 9 (7min)
 Match Day










Friday Evenings 
 Match Times: 5:15pm - 7:15pm 5:15pm - 7:15pm  9:00am- 12:00pm 12:45pm - 4:15pm 5:15pm - 7:15pm  5:15pm - 7:15pm 
 Cost Per Team $675.00$700.00$750.00$800.00$400.00$550.00



HJL Season Dates 2020-21


 Stage One


 Monday Evenings

 Stage Two


 Wednesday Evenings

 U/13, 15 & 17's



 U/15 Girls


 Tuesday Evenings

 U/18 Girls

 Friday Evenings

 Round 1 October 26 October 28 October 25 November 3  October 30
 Round 2 November 2 November 4 November 1
 November 10 November 6
 Round 3 November 9 November 11 November 8 November 17 November 13
 Round 4 November 16 November 18 November 15 November 24 November 20
 Round 5 November 23 November 25 November 22 December 1 November 27
 Round 6 November 30 December 2 November 29
 December 8 December4
 Round 7 December 7  December 9 December 6 December 15 December 11
 Round 8 December 14 December 16 December 13
 February 2 December 18
 Round 9 February 1 February 3 January 31
 February 9 February 5
 Round 10 February 8 February 10 February 7 February 16 February 12
 Round 11 February 15 February 17 February 14 February 23 February 19
 Round 12 February 22 February 24  February 21 March 2 February 26
 Round 13 March 1 March 3 February 28
 March 5
Grand Final   March 7 (GF)  March 12 (GF)



Registration fees for the HJL competition is noted above for each grade/age group. This fee covers the cost of ground hire, match balls. crease tape & COVID safe sanitary wipes.  Please note that to encourage use of the MyCricket e-scoring platform, Cricket Tasmania will not provide score books to clubs for the 2020/21 season.  If clubs wish to enter scores in a book as a back up to e-scoring, they will need to source their own books.



Team Nominations

Clubs may enter teams in the HJL competition by submitting a team nomination form.  Please note that forms that are incomplete (coach not listed etc) will not be accepted.  Teams will only be placed into the roster once all required information has been received.  Nomination forms can be submitted to CT's Community Competitions Administrator - South, Paul Crosswell, at 

Team nominations for respective HJL age groups are due on the following dates:


HJL U/13, U/15 and U/17 Boys - Wednesday 7 October

HJL Stage One, Stage Two (T20) and U/18 Girls - Wednesday 14 October

HJL U/15 Girls Competition - Wednesday 21 October


Please click here for a team nomination form. 




The HJL competition is open to all Boys and Girls aged: 7-12 for Stage One and Stage Two (T20) but must be under the age of 12 as of the 31st August 2020 to participate.

Players must also be under the age of respective competitions (U/13, U/15 Boys and Girls, U/17 Boys, U/18 Girls) as at the 31st August 2020 to participate. 

Clubs seeking an exemption for overage players must complete the Dispensation Request Form, found under the 'Hurricanes Junior League 2020/21' tab.  Exemption requests will not be accepted unless submitted in this format.



New & Existing Clubs

New & existing clubs from all cricket competitions in Southern Tasmania are invited and encouraged to enter teams in the HJL competition.  For weekday competitions (Stage One, Stage Two (T20) and U15/U18 Girls) CT puts teams into regional divisions to ensure teams play against only teams in their area (where applicable) to minimise travel.