Playing Apparal Regulations

The playing apparel policy for the Hurricanes Junior League covers playing attire, club and sponsor logos, playing shorts and the compulsory use of helmets.

These regulations have been implemented to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the players, coaches and supporters.


Compulsory Helmets


  • It is compulsory for all players participating in the Hurricanes Junior League to wear a helmet when batting, or with the exception of the slips cordon only, when fielding within ten (10) metres of the batsmen, regardless of what age group/grade they are playing.
  • Wicketkeepers shall wear a helmet when keeping up to the stumps
  • The umpires shall not allow play to commence until such batsmen, fielder or wicket-keeper are wearing the appropriate safety equipment

Playing Attire


  • White or Cream trousers, White or Cream long or sleeves with collars attached or Cricket Tasmania (CT) approved coloured clothing and equipment.
  • Caps (traditional or broadbrim) should be worm with the peak to the front and shirts should be tucked into the players trousers.
  • Shorts may also be worn instead of trousers provided that all players in the team wear shorts and the shorts are identical.
  • It is the responsibility of the coaches to ensure players are in the correct cricket attire.
  • Players shall wear only approved competition and Club logos (including those of approved Club sponsors). With the exception of clothing brand names, no other logos shall be worn.



  • A Club logo may be displayed on the chest (upper left or upper right) not exceeding 10 square inches (64.5cm2).
  • A Club may display a maximum of four commercial/sponsor logos on the playing shirts of its teams as follows
    • On the right or left arm not exceeding 10 square inches (54.5cm2).
    • The chest/stomach (middle) not exceeding 32 square inches (206.45cm2).
    • The lower back (below number) not exceeding 32 square inches (206.45cm2).
  • In any team, all players must have the same logos displayed. Club logos may be used in the above locations rather than sponsor logos with CT approval.
  • Inappropriate sponsor logos (ie promotion of alcohol or drug consumption) will be deemed inappropriate and must be covered by white tape only. Failure to comply with these regulations will result in fines of $50.00 per offence.
  • Approval of logos shall be by CT's Competitions Administrator.

Should you have any queries or concerns regarding the playing apparel rules and regulations for the Hurricanes Junior League, please contact CT Competitions Administrator, Paul Crosswell on